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How do I plan, change or share a route?

If you tap ‘Routes’ in the menu bar, you’ll see the ‘Plan a new route’ option. Once you’ve saved your first route, you’ll also see the option to share it when you tap the circle with three dots next to the ‘Start’ button.

Selecting ‘Plan a new route’ will take you to a screen with three more options:

  • Automatic route (beta)
  • Manual route
  • Record route

Plan a route

Plan and save your trip by entering a departure point, a destination and, if it’s relevant, a stopover. The route planner will also (where possible) show alternative routes in grey. You can select an alternative route by tapping the grey line.

You can find all your saved routes by tapping ‘Routes’ in the bottom menu bar.

Record your route

If you choose this option, the app will record and save your route will sailing.

You can find all your recorded routes by tapping ‘Routes’ in the bottom menu bar.

Share your route

You can share your saved routes with others. To do this, first tap ‘Routes’ in the bottom bar and then ‘Share’ next to the route you want to share. There are a variety of sending options, including WhatsApp and email.

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