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Route planner (beta)

Plan and share your routes in advance. See a complete overview of all important points and traffic reports on your route.

Marinas, bridges, locks and more

Includes data from the Dutch waterways ANWB Almanac part 2. Click on the markers for comprehensive information on marinas, bridges and locks, waterways and much more.

4 country bundle

In the Nautical Maps app you will find water maps for the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. All for the same price.

Navigate offline

You can't always get good internet connection on the water. With the Nautical Maps app you can download maps and information in advance to avoid surprises while boating.

1 subscription for 3 devices

Navigate with flexibility with one account that syncs across all your devices. Download to your Android device, iPad and Windows computer at no extra cost.

Community driven

See up-to-date feedback, tips and information from other users. Or add your own to any bridge, marina or other point of interest.

Advanced display

Customise your display by turning data layers on and off – you control the information you see on the map.

Responsive helpdesk

Get your questions answered 7 days a week by our friendly, efficient team.

Regular updates

We regularly update and improve the Nautical Maps app. As a subscriber, you get these updates for free — and you’ll be the first to access new features.
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Route planner BETA

This year we introduced route planner beta to let you plan, share and record your trip. On the water you can never be too prepared.

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Navigate via your iPad

No GPS chip in your iPad? No problem. The Nautical Maps app lets you send GPS to your WiFi iPad for safe travel on the water. Enjoy the convenience of navigating via iPad with the location accuracy of an iPhone.

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See something that's not right?

If you spot anything that needs updating while you’re out on the water, let us know. We rely on your feedback to make the app even better.

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"All information to plan and execute trips is included and up to date."

Always up to date! I have been using this App for five years. I start to appreciate it more and more because issues are being dealt with faster these days. This means the app is always up to date!
Het zonnetje op mijn huis
Helped greatly to solve problem I had a problem installing the app but they helped greatly to solve this. This deserves a lot of praise. Greeting from Miranda Muis
Miranda Muis
Offers all desired and necessary information Great app that offers all desired and necessary information. The app is still growing, so route planning is still basic but already usable. Helpdesk responded immediately to a number of suggestions. I would say: Keep it up.
Erwin Verstraelen
Does everything I expect from it I've been using the app for two days. Very satisfied. To date, the app does everything I expect of it. I’m in the trial period, but will certainly use it again in the future.