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How do I post a review, photo or Skipper tip?

Reviews and photos

Have you been greatly helped by the harbor master? Or do you see something that could be improved? Share this with the other users by leaving a review in the app!

You can do this by, for example, tapping a marina POI in the app. Then you can scroll down and tap ‘Write a review’ at the bottom. After this, a new window will pop up where you can select the number of stars, share your experience and even add a photo.

Skipper tips

While sailing, do you see something striking at a bridge or lock that you feel another user should also know? Let them know with a Skipper tip!

You can leave a Skipper tip by tapping the relevant bridge or lock. Then tap ‘Write a Tip’ in the Tips section. In this way we keep each other informed about the latest developments on the water.