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Where does the information in the app come from?

For the Netherlands, we work with waterway info and guidelines from ANWB Almanac. Every year, they send us updated data on waterways, including marinas, bridges and locks. And Nautical Maps is the only app allowed to use this information.

In addition, we use public sources like Rijkswaterstaat. We also work with organisations such as Varen Doe Je Samen and harbour masters.

The maps themselves are based on the water maps of the ANWB (2018). Since then we’ve been keeping them up to date and developng them.

Last but not least, our source for current information is you, our users. A lot of people who use Nautical Maps send in updates and corrections. That way we can review them and include them in the maps.

More than 50,000 people use our app each year. Having such a large number of users helps keep our app more accurate and up to date than others on the market.

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