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How can I customise the map display?

You can define the look of the map in your profile. To do so, tap the profile icon at the top right of the app next to the search bar, and then tap ‘Map Options’.

There are a variety of elements you can customise including:

Directional arrow, scale and coordinates

Under ‘Display’, choose if you want to show a directional arrow at your position by activating ‘Show directional arrow’. This is the black dotted line on your position arrow.

Here you can also specify whether you want to see the scale and coordinates.

Turning the map

When you have ‘Turn on map rotation’ activated, you can rotate the map yourself. You can find this option under ‘Display’ in your ‘Profile’. 

Points of Interest (POIs)

On the map you can find symbols for different POIs. Tap an icon to see more information about this POI.

The POIs are divided into several categories, such as moving bridges, locks, marinas, leisure and sports activities. You can choose which categories you want to show on the map. To do this, choose the option ‘Select POIs’ under ‘Information’. 

The Nautical Maps app even lets you know if your boat can pass under a bridge or not based on its size. Find out how to input your boat data into boat settings.