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AIS checklist

Although it usually works well, there may be conditions that cause the AIS link not to work, or to cause issues. Below is a list of actions to take to make/restore a good connection.


  1. Make sure your smartphone/tablet is updated to the latest operating system (iOS/Android)
  2. Make sure you have the latest version of the Waterkaarten app on your smartphone/tablet
  3. Close the app on your smartphone/tablet
  4. Turn off wifi, mobile data, GPS and Bluetooth on your smartphone/tablet
  5. Switch off your smartphone/tablet
  6. Switch off your AIS device/setup
  7. Start up your AIS setup. Are you working with a multiplexer? If so, boot up your AIS device first, then your multiplexer. Make sure the AIS device you are connecting to is in Ad-Hoc or Access Point mode, i.e. not linked to an internet hotspot or router
  8. Restart your smartphone/tablet
  9. Turn on the wifi on your smartphone/tablet and connect to the network of your AIS device
  10. Open only the Waterkaarten app, no other apps
  11. Connect to your AIS device in the app by entering the correct IP address and port
  12. Connect with one smartphone or tablet to your AIS device
  13. Activate AIS on the chart by tapping the AIS button at the top right of the chart
  14. Give the app 10 minutes to retrieve all data (such as ship name, type etc) from the shipping around you
  15. Test the setup while sailing

The Waterkaarten app uses the AIS and GPS data from your AIS device

If you are stationary in port, your AIS device may stop broadcasting GPS updates after a while because your boat is not moving. As a result, the app does not see your location. Sailing, however, does not cause a problem.


The AIS link is compatible with virtually all AIS receivers and transceivers with a wireless (wifi) network. We ourselves tested mainly with Quark-Elec and Em-trak AIS devices.

Quark-Elec wifi networks:
Wireless network password: 88888888
IP address:
Port: 2000

Em-trak wifi networks:
Wireless network password: emtrakais
IP address:
Port: 5000

Note: Garmin and Raymarine AIS devices do not transmit AIS over wifi, and to use GPS, a Garmin and/or Raymarine device requires a plotter. If you want to view AIS from your Garmin or Raymarine AIS device in our app, you will need a multiplexer to connect to our app.